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Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine & C. Sas

P.iva 06520820488



Professional consultancy for the formulation of menus and recipes for catering

Thanks to the experience gained as a chef in the food sector, I am able to offer catering consultants who have the desire to establish themselves and make themselves known. From the creation of menus, paying particular attention also to the formulation of any vegan alternatives, for intolerant people and for celiacs, also exploring questions related to the preparation of food for the latter and the importance of cross contamination. It is in fact the order of the day for catering to receive requests for the preparation of buffets and refreshments, as well as lunches or dinners, where there are subjects with food problems.

Many years of experience as a busy chef, especially in the world of gluten free, allows me to provide all the necessary training on the subject, as well as to create specific menus for different occasions.

From the technical and operational management of the personnel, to the organization of the kitchen and pantry, as well as to the preservation of food. Here is what I can offer to catering companies, in addition to the menu formulation, to start them on a path of success and qualitatively superior to their competitors.

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