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Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine & C. Sas

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Professional consulting for the realization of bakery products, the bakery and fresh pasta stored at ambient

Thanks to my experience in the field of the food I offer advice for the production and storage of ambient food. The fresh pasta, bread products and baked ambient represent a true innovation in the food sector, because this technique allows you to keep food fresh in the refrigerator, but staying for 6 months in the pantry without any decay.


The production process of these products involves control of the activity of the water, pasteurization, packaging in a protective atmosphere, and the use of specific additives , which allow the fresh food to maintain its properties, as well as to prolong his expiration to the outside of the refrigerator. The use of these specific parameters, thereby allowing you to keep the product in the pantry, and not in the refrigerator, resulting at the same time very similar to the fresh one. Taste, texture and nutritional characteristics will remain unchanged and you will be able to enjoy the taste of a good product.


The formulation of specific recipes for the bakery, fresh pasta and bakery products at ambient, as well as the study and testing of suitable production processes, it is essential to make food good and really durable.


Products ambient are finding more and more used in the world of food especially in view of the convenience in the preservation of food fresh as if it were any one, therefore without special precautions and without taking up space in the refrigerator. This, then, is the reason for which move towards this market will be a direction that more and more companies will choose to undertake.


Thanks to my experience in this field, are able to provide the appropriate assistance to the companies and the research and development department in order to formulate suitable solutions, recipes, apply, and implement accordingly good products able to conquer the final consumer.

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