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Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine & C. Sas

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Professional coaching for hotels and hotels for menu formulation and specific recipes

Thanks to the experience gained as a chef in the food sector, I am able to offer advice to hotels and hotels for managing the kitchen at 360 degrees. From the creation of daily menus, but also to the formulation of any vegan alternatives, for intolerant people and for celiacs, also exploring questions related to the preparation of food for the latter and the importance of cross contamination.

Technical and operational management of personnel, formulation of menus and specific recipes, staff training, training support and specific consultancy. Here is what I can offer to hotel businesses as a consultant.

Extremely important, too, is the adaptation and compliance with hygiene standards and practices designed to guarantee maximum safety in the management, cooking, preservation and handling of food, as well as in the storage thereof.

In order to offer an adequate catering service, an accurate organization of the kitchen and of the staff working there is indispensable, which is why my attention is focused on the organization of staff working in hotels and hotels.

The culinary aspect in fact represents a criterion taken into account by customers in choosing the suitable structure for them, which is why the offer of a wide and diversified menu, able to meet even specific needs, certainly represents an added value for every structure.

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