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The sector of organic food is becoming increasingly popular and, to keep up with the times, an increasing number of companies choose to gear production towards food able to satisfy certain canons.


From the studies published by the observatory on Healthy you highlight as the weight of the organic foods on the market you can feel. If, in 2012, only 53% of households had purchased organic foods in the course of the year, in 2018, 81% chose to direct their purchases towards these products. The statistics of the last ten years have estimated that the sale of organic products from 2008 to 2018 has been an increase of 205%, with an increase between 2017 and 2018 of 14%. These numbers should, therefore, is to reflect on the reasons for which to direct the production in this direction represents a choice extremely advantageous.

Choose to obtain the certification of organic food is, therefore, a process is indispensable for those who want to offer a product that is much sought after. In this context, the standards to comply with are numerous, first of all, in fact, the organic foods must conform to the Regulation EC 834/2007.


The basic requirements for a product to be classified as organic include:


- The absence of GMO ingredients

- The exclusive presence of organic ingredients, with the exception of those not to be found as such

- The crops should not include the use of synthetic fertilisers, chemicals and pesticides, but rather be enhanced with the aid of organic materials

- Also the breeding must be in conformity with the regulations in the biological field, therefore, attention to the condition of the animals, the feed administered and the needs of the same

- Essential crop rotation for not going to deplete nutrients from the subsoil.


Going to affect the whole production chain, the certification of organic product may be extremely complex to achieve, for which reason choose alongside experts in the field will facilitate the compliance with such requirements.

Years of work in the food industry I have therefore allowed him to be extremely competent in the field, as well as be constantly up to date on the theme and on the new regulations in force, thus able to provide the right care to every single reality.

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