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Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine & C. Sas

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Consultancy services for restaurants aimed at the formulation of menus and quality recipes

As a chef and expert in the food sector, I am able to offer consultancy to restaurants for the management of the kitchen, creating menus with particular attention to the customer. From the creation of daily menus, but also to the formulation of any vegan alternatives, for intolerant people and for celiacs, also exploring questions related to the preparation of food for the latter and the importance of cross contamination.

From the technical and operational management of the personnel, to the formulation of specific menus and recipes, without neglecting the training of personnel and training support. These are the topics for which I can provide assistance to businesses.

Respect for hygienic standards, cleanliness, but also the conservative aspect of food and their storage are elements for which training and attention is required that only a Ho.re.ca. is able to provide.

If you want to attract and win over customers, winning ideas are also indispensable, starting first of all from the formulation of a wide and varied menu, able to satisfy multiple needs. Here, then, that my know-how as a chef, as well as the specialization acquired over the years working in the gluten free sector, will allow me to help every structure in the study of valid and tasty proposals, as well as, if interested, to the organization of meals intended for celiac subjects, also informing them about the aspects related to contamination and the precautions to prepare safe foods.

I clienti vengono conquistati dal buon cibo e, quando questo avviene, tendono a tornare in quel ristorante. Ecco quindi che come consulente per ristoranti mi impegnerò per istruire il personale non soltanto sulle normative da rispettare, ma anche fornendo nozioni di cucina, aiutandoli nello studio di ricette uniche e realmente valide.
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