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Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine & C. Sas

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Professional consultancy aimed at preparing ready-to-use mixtures of bread, pastries, fresh pasta and desserts

Thanks to the experience gained in the food sector, I am able to support companies in the creation of formulations and mixtures for baked products, bread, fresh pasta, desserts and creams.

Years of work in the food industry, as well as in the world of gluten free, allowed me to experiment and learn about every aspect of this area, giving me the opportunity to contribute to the formulation of ready-made blends for consumers and restaurateurs, to simplify the preparation of sweets , bread, fresh pasta and creams.

The correct mixing of the raw materials, their choice and the exact preparation of procedures for the use of ready mixes, will give the possibility of having excellent quality preparations, simple to make but, above all, good to eat. This last aspect is what conquers the consumer, satisfies him and leads him to choose that product again on the supermarket shelves.


This is why it is essential to proceed with the development of ad hoc formulations, capable of satisfying the consumer and, at the same time, bringing a considerable profit to the producer.

Thanks to years of experience in the world of gluten-free, I am able to create mixes and mixes for bread, pizza, sweets, creams and fresh gluten free pasta, but also for the production of lactose-free and traditional products. The choice of the best and quality raw materials, the correct relationship between the different ingredients, the degree of humidity and the first-hand experimentation of the recipes, will allow each reality to choose to get in touch with me, to have specific and successful formulas , capable of winning over a growing clientele.

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