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Marco Scaglione, chef and engaged in the food industry for over 10 years. Originally from Palermo, but residing a few kilometers from Florence, I travel around Italy at the service of companies, ho.re.ca. and start-ups to provide personalized advice related to the food sector.

Graduated from the hotel institute and also equipped with a certificate as a gluten-free cooking teacher, I provide consultancy for the formulation of recipes for the industrial sector, study of personalized menus, study of mixes and mixtures for ready meals, solutions for the ambient, ATM and frozen conservation, as well as for the production of free from (gluten free, lactose free, low nickel), vegan and organic foods. Moreover, thanks to my many years of experience, I am able to collaborate with the Ho.Re.Ca. in order to study procedures, specific menus and providing training to sector employees.

My curriculum contains studies, competitions, training, lectures and all that is relevant concerning the work currently carried out and for which I offer personalized consultations in the food sector.


2011 - HACCP certificate with the status of Officer with a complex food task, obtained at FCB Etruria di San Vincenzo (LI), following the first obtained at the F. Martini Hotel Institute in Montecatini Terme, later renewed.

2002 - Certificate of Teacher of certified and certifiable gluten-free cooking courses, obtained at AIC Toscana.

2001 - Diploma of qualification Attendant to the services of kitchen, achieved near the Istituto Alberghiero F. Martini of Montecatini Terme.


2018 - Certificate of Recognition from the Hotel School of Montecatini Terme (For Excellent Professional Results obtained in the sector of competence in recent years)

2017 - Ambassador of Italian Cuisine award donated by the Italian Federation of Cooks

2016 - Author of the Book (Gluten Free Pasta) published RCS

2015 - Lorenzo the Magnificent Award at the Florence Biennale

2015 - Author of the Book (Homemade Gluten Free Sweets) published by Reverdito Editore

2014 - Author of the Book (Pani, pizzas and focaccia) published by Reverdito Editore

2012 - Author of the Book (Chef without Gluten) published by Reverdito Editore

2014 - Collaboration for the Lactose Intolerance Book

2014 - Collaboration for the book The World of Intolerances

2013 - Research for Maiemy University (The teff and its applications)

2013 - Commemorative Medal Orio Vergani Italian Academy of Cuisine

2012 - First place in the Gluten-free High Cuisine Trophy "Children with gluten-free is served", organized by the Italian Celiac Association Lazio, in collaboration with the Lazio Chefs Federation.

2011 - First place in the national Gluten-free Haute Trophy "In the kitchen without gluten, with the chef", organized by the AIC Lazio, in collaboration with the Chefs Federation of Lazio.

2011 - Fifth place in the Competition "The Lazio cuisine revisited in a modern way", organized by the Italian Federation of Chefs Lazio.

2010 - Creation of the Opera on DVD "Without barriers with taste", dedicated to gluten-free cooking, in collaboration with the USL5 of Pisa.

2002 - Coordinator and teacher of the "Saharawi Project", intended for children intolerant to gluten, in collaboration with AIC Toscana.


December 2018: Present at Rai 3 for the program (Mi Manda rai 3 for further information on the world of gluten-free)

April 2017: Author of the book La Madia Travel Food

April 2016/2017: Author of a gluten-free cooking section for the Italian food magazine

March 2015: Author of a gluten-free cooking column for the monthly magazine Oggi Cucino Free Rcs, newsstand distribution.

March 2015: Author of a gluten-free cooking column for the bimonthly magazine Profilo Salute, newsstand distribution.

June 2015: Author of a gluten-free cooking column for the bimonthly magazine Zero, newsstand distribution.

March 2015: Pizza, bread and pasta of the best Italian tradition (Imetec Italian Cuisine)

July 2014: Imetec Cuko Gluten-free recipe book

September 2014: All the good of gluten-free and not only (Imetec Zero glu)

April 2014: Author of the “Italian cuisine without gluten” cookbook for Imetec Tenacta Group

May 2014: Author of the “Good for all, gluten-free recipes” Cookbook, Beretta Brothers

December 2013: Interview for news Verona

September 2013: Speaker at the Sana NutrifreeBio event

May 2013: Interview for http://www.huffingtonpost.it

April 2013: Radio interview for Antenna Radioesse's "Wine station" column.

March 2013: Consultant and gastronomic column on the online Encyclopedia "www.Alimentipedia.it"

March 2013: Interview http://www.unacucinatuttaperse.it/2013/03/24/intervista-a-marco-scaglione-vincitore-del-trofeo-di-alta-cucina-senza-glutine/

March 2013: Gluten-free haute cuisine column for the Most Healthy Best Gluten-Free Quarterly Magazine

March 2013: Speaker at the Celiac and kitchen conference Italian Kitchen Academy.

February 2013: Article on Più Sani Più Belli

January 2013 - Article in La Gazzetta del Serchio

December 2012 - Gluten-free interview

July-August 2012 - Interview on gluten-free pastry, issued to the magazine Dolce e Salato.
July-August 2012 - Interview on gluten-free and training, which I deal with, issued to the magazine Buone Forchette, dedicated to gluten-free.

July 2012 - Interview on www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/piacere-quotidiano about gluten-free cooking

July 2012 - Interview on mangiaregiusto.it, on gluten-free catering.

From June to July 2012 - Co-author with Lara Balleri, of a gluten-free haute cuisine column for the bi-monthly magazine Celiachia Oggi, newsstand distribution.
May 2012 - Co-author with Lara, of a gluten-free cooking column for the Nutrifree company.

June 2012 - Interview for the rotogravure press "Storie" of RAI2.

June 2012 - Interview for the “Dolce vita” section of Il Venerdì di Repubblica, on gluten-free cooking: tricks of the trade.

June 2012 - Radio interview for Antenna Radioesse's "Wine station" column.

November 15th 2011 - Speaker at the Conference “Gluten free with taste. Educational workshop with tasting ”, organized by the Municipality of Pisa.

12 November 2011 - Speaker at the Conference "Celiac Disease ... between saying and doing", organized by the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio, with the intervention Gluten free with taste: the Chef's advice.

September 2011, Co-author with Lara Balleri of a lecture notes dedicated to celiac disease and a specific for diabetes, aimed at digital material for in-depth study of school texts of hotel institutions, RCS Libri.

2011 August - Speaker for the round table "Food-art-territory", in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (LU), with an intervention and educational workshop on bread.

2011 July - Speaker of the Conference "I tolerate my intolerance ... and you?" With the intervention Increase the gluten-free offer, cutting costs, organized by FIPE Luca and ConfCommercio Lucca with AIC Toscana.

2011 - Interviews given at Il Venerdì di Repubblica, La Nazione, Rai Radio 1, TV2000; (on request I can provide copies of these materials).


From 2007 to today I am continuously teaching for gluten-free cooking courses certified with certification and conventional cooking courses in collaboration with USL10, USL11, USL2, USL4 and organized by some training institutions, such as CO&SO, Agenzia Heimat, Pegaso Agency, Confcommercio of Arezzo, Fil di Prato, Cescot of Prato, Confartigianato Prato, Confcommercio Lucca; AIM ECM s.r.l, Savini Tartufi.

I also deal with the theoretical and practical training of the students and teachers of the hotel catering establishments (kitchen, pastry shop and hall), for example Istituto Alberghiero

Enriquez di Castelfiorentino, Hotel and Catering Institute Motti of Reggio Emilia, Saffi, Bontalenti.

The courses are aimed at families and enthusiasts, professionals, future professionals, the unemployed, students of Hotel and Catering Institutes.

February 2016_ Teacher of gluten-free cooking courses at the Tu Chef Roma School

March 2016_ Teacher of gluten-free cooking classes at the Gustar School in Pistoia

March 2015: Lecturer in gluten-free cooking classes at the Red School (San Vito Chietino)

March 2014: Teacher of gluten-free cooking classes at the Dolce e Salato School (Maddaloni)

June 2014: Guest at MasterChef Sky for a gluten-free recipe

November 2013: Guest at the broadcast Waiting for the news (Tv37)

August 2013: Guest at MasterChef Sky for a gluten-free recipe

August 2013: Coking gluten-free show at the "Sapori in Villa" event in Arezzo.

June 2013-2014-2015: Trainer on the occasion of the Gluten Free Fest 2013, of the "mani in pasta" laboratories, partner PromoCamera, Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia.

May 2013: Gluten-free cooking show at the Neapolitan event of Cebio

February 2013: Gluten-free cooking show at Cecina's Acqua Pazza Restaurant "Dinner with the author"

June-October 2012 Co-creator and head of the jury of the “Chef also I” gluten-free cooking competition, organized on behalf of Mamey, on the national territory.

May 2012 - October 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015 - Teacher itinerant gluten-free cooking classes organized by the Nuova Terra company (Turin, Varese, Busto Arsizio, Villa Cortese, Catania), aimed at enthusiasts (theme bread, pizza, shortcrust pastry, revisited classic preparations, alternative cereals).

April 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016 - Gluten-free cooking teacher at the Moca school in Rimini.

December 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016 - Gluten-free cooking show at Gluten Free Expo 2012, the first European fair entirely dedicated to gluten-free. Within the same I will be a speaker at the conference "Gluten-free catering", with an intervention linked to the reduction of costs in gluten-free restaurants.

May 2012 - October 2011 - Professor of History of Cuisine and European Enogastronomy, at the Hotel and Restaurant School of Serramazzoni (MO).

July 2011 - Professor of bread-making at the "Gluten-free festival" in Aquilea (LU); at the same speaker for the event-debate The role of bread in history, up to gluten-free.

2010 April-January - Lecturer and Representative of the lecturers in the exam commission, for the final exam of the course of gluten-free cooking for restaurateurs, organized in collaboration with the Arca Training Agency of Pisa.


2012 - Head Partita at Roland's Catering in Florence.

2011-2010 - Saucer chef at Il Magnifico Catering in Prato.

2009 - Head of consignment at Delizia, catering receptions in Florence.

2008 - Chef of cooking at C. Risiamo Caffè in Empoli.

2008 - Head of the Garde Manger Match at the San Silvestro Restaurant in Modena.

2006-07 - Head of the Entremetier Match, at the Hotel Antares **** in Bolzano.


I carry out restaurant consultancy and teaching activities with and without gluten, ranging from catering to pastry.

2018 Consultant for Eurospital Company (Piaceri Mediterranei)

2018 Deputy Business Manager for Ngfood Start-Up Company

2018 Consultant for Artisan Maryland ice cream parlor

2017 Start-up Officina Zero (Milan)

2017 Start-up of Food Industry Ngfood Srl (Fiumicino)

2016 Start-up Sfornando Craft Workshop (Rome)

2016 Consultant for Novaterra Zeelandia

2016 Consultant and Nativa company research and development manager

2016 Consultant for the development of a new line of Molino Niccoli fresh pasta

2016 Start-up Pasticceria Querini craft workshop (Monsummano Terme)

2016 Start-up Forno della Salute Craft Workshop (Pistoia)

2016 Glorious and Free Delights Research and Development Consultant

2016/2017 Consultant for research and development Senzaltro

2015 Revolution gluten-free products consultant

2015/2017 Start-up and consultant for Lo Scrigno Artisan Workshop in Katia (Brescia)

2015 Start-up and Consultant Industry gluten-free frozen products Gluten Stop (San Severo)

2015 Start-up Craft Workshop For all tastes by Jessica Lestani (Udine)

2015 Start-up and Consultant Gluty Free Craft Workshop (Udine)

2015 Start-up and Consultant Hotel Su Barchile (Orosei)

2014 Gluten-free pizza start-up and consultant Celiaco M (Campobasso)

2014 Start-up and Pasta Pasta Factory Consultant in Venice (PD)

2013 Picchiotti Pasta Factory Consultant

2013 Bakery Consultant in Milan

2013/2018 Consultant Tenacta Group Imetec for Zero-Glu and Cuko machines

2012-2013-2014-2015 Nutrifree Consultant - Nutrisi for research and development

2012-2013 Mamey franchise network consultant

2013 Rivoire Consulting (Artisan Chocolate) P.zza della Signoria Florence

2013 Consultant Enoteca Squillari Green's beer

2013 Consultancy Restaurant L’acqua Pazza

2013 Consulting Sans Gluten Prato

2012 Start-Up "Il Marathoneta Pizeria" flanked by pizzeria and catering sector for gluten-free production.

2012 Start-Up Celimangiamo Perugia

2012 “Pizza Men” consultancy, for expansion in the gluten-free sector with pizza and bread in Florence.

2012 Consulting "Pizzeria da Gina", for conversion into a gluten-free pizzeria in Cortona

2011 Start-Up "Pizzeria at 18", to expand activities on pastry, fresh pasta and bread, Bagnatica (BG).

2009 Start-Up "Flavors without gluten", oven and pastry shop, Empoli (FI).

2009 Catering consultant at Sachell theater in Florence.

2009 Start-Up "Sabrina Senza Glutine", Oven and pastry shop, Ponte a Egola (PI).

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