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Professional consultancy for the formulation of products intended for freezing

The frozen food sector is a growing market, as well as of great interest to companies in the food sector. As many as 25 million Italian families habitually consume products of this type and, in order, the most purchased are:

- Vegetables

- Potatoes

-        Seafood products

- Pizzas and snacks

- Recipe ready meals

- White and red meat

- Dessert.

The reasons that push families to purchase these products are mainly the practicality of preparing them, as well as the lack of time and the desire to devote themselves to cooking.

It is also important to highlight how the demand for pizzas, snacks and ready meals is growing, as well as the wide and varied offer available on the market, which also includes alternatives to traditional preparations, such as those without gluten, with kamut or spelled flour , as well as vegan and lactose-free. In short, the frozen market is now able to meet all consumer needs.

Why engage in making frozen products? Because surely they represent a market in strong expansion, above all in the consumption of the new generations, but also because in this way the life of the products will lengthen itself remarkably maintaining the properties of the same unchanged.

To produce frozen products according to the law it is however necessary to know the regulations in force, as well as the cold chain, which is essential to guarantee the integrity of the product. Each link in this chain is of fundamental importance and must be followed with meticulous attention, but also the care of the product must start upstream, or from its formulation.

Over the years I have gained extensive experience in the food sector, which is why I am able to support large and small companies in the development and formulation of frozen products, including free from. Ready meals, pizzas, snacks and desserts able to preserve their properties and their taste even after freezing operations.

Air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are the cryogenic media that can be used in direct contact with the food to be frozen, but the rules of production, storage, packaging and labeling are also very important, for which a protocol issued by the Ministry of Health applies. .

Competent in this field, they are therefore able to support the research and development department of each company, helping them step by step to study formulations and processes suitable for the production of safe frozen products suitable for market entry.

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