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Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine & C. Sas

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Consultancy services for pizzerias aimed at the formulation of menus and quality recipes

Thanks to the experience gained as a chef in the food sector, I am able to offer advice to pizzerias for the management of the kitchen at 360 degrees. The study of a menu full of classic but also gourmet proposals, without forgetting, for those who want it, a vegan, gluten free or dedicated to the use of long leavening, indispensable due to the increase in cases of intolerance to the latter .

Technical and operational management of personnel, formulation of menus and specific recipes, staff training, training support and specific consultancy. Here is what I can offer to pizzerias that choose to take advantage of my advice.

Extremely important, too, is the adaptation and compliance with hygiene standards and practices designed to guarantee maximum safety in the management, cooking, preservation and handling of food, as well as in the storage thereof.


If you want to offer an adequate service to a pizzeria of a certain level, it is good not to neglect any aspect, in particular it is very important a training related to the making of leavened products and leavening techniques that can be applied for the preparation of pizzas and focaccias. Finally, if you want to enrich the menu with gluten-free options for coeliacs, specific and joint training is good, both in terms of the formulation of the recipes of the doughs, which is inherent in the production process and cross contamination. Thanks to my many years of experience in the gluten-free sector, I can also provide all this information.

The pizzerias are always a lot, but the really good ones and with finished quality products less and less. For this reason, joining an expert consultant can become the winning weapon, the one that can help each business flourish and be recognized for the quality, goodness and above all the digestibility of its leavened products.

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