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Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine & C. Sas

P.iva 06520820488

Start Up


Advice and support for the start-up of start-ups operating in the food sector.

Are you a start up in the food world and would like to have the advice of an expert? As a professional in the sector, I am able to offer advice to start-ups, providing a series of solutions for the launch of a new successful project.

- Feasibility study and goal sharing

- Research and development with regard to processing techniques, products and machinery

- Innovation and strategic direction for greater production efficiency

- Orientation in the choice of raw materials

- Support in the preparation of technical data sheets and product labels

- Optimization of resources

- Theoretical notions and practical demonstrations concerning production techniques

- Specific training of the figures involved.

If you are a start-up and you think that all this is essential to your reality before embarking on a successful commercial path, choose to rely on an expert consultant who is able to provide you with all the indispensable concepts described above.
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